Why Estate Security Services are a Necessity

Estate housing is increasing in popularity because of the security it can provide. This is, of course, if you hire reliable estate security services to protect the residents. Security companies in South Africa have prioritised these services ever since the popularity of these estates among people buying and renting homes took off. Here are just a few reasons why estate security is a necessity.

Why You Need Estate Security Services

There are multiple benefits to living in an estate: great locations, recreational facilities and fantastic resale value. However, this is all for naught without security services, which is why many families and home owners choose estates as their homes in the first place.

Estates are Built to Keep Intruders Out

Whether it is a Golf Estate, Country Estate or a Wilderness Estate, they are built to keep anyone who shouldn’t be on the premises out. There is a perimeter fence that is generally built very high and often makes use of electric fencing as well. All entry points are heavily guarded and you need to make use of a security code or similar system to gain entry as both a visitor and resident.

No one can come in and loiter without being let in by a resident, and everyone who enters is logged. The time that they exit can always be compared with any events that take place within the perimeter. Everyone entering and exiting the facility shares their details so they can be held accountable if anything suspect happened while they were in the estate. With strict access control, you and your family are kept safe.

A Safe Haven for Your Family

The perimeter security, and because grounds are constantly being guarded by visible patrols, allows you to let your children play outside. This may seem like a small thing, but in the South Africa we live in today, allowing small children to go ride their bicycles or roam the streets is becoming less and less commonplace. When you live in an estate you can let your children play outside for the day with the peace of mind that they cannot go far and where they do go they are watched over.

You can even hire extra security if you are having a special event that may require more eyes for you to feel secure. Whatever you may need, security services are there to provide you with a priceless sense of security.

24 Hour Surveillance

Estate security services make use of CCTV monitoring, health and safety reports, and incident investigations. This means that, should an incident occur, the estate security services will get to the bottom of it. This ensures any weaknesses are rectified to ensure they do not happen again.

If you are living in an estate with the need for a new and trustworthy security company in South Africa, contact Apache Secuirty. We will keep you and your family safe, all day, every day.