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Apache Security Services provides the very best in VIP protection. To compliment these specialist services, we also offer qualified and highly experienced security drivers.

Quality Protection and Trust

The need to engage a close protection officer (CPO) can be a little confusing. Who to hire, how many, male or female, etc. are just some of the questions you may have.

Apache's VIP protection department has set the benchmark for specialist security services across South Africa. Before hiring a CPO, our team leaders will assist you in finding the best strategy for the project based on threat, location, itinerary and operational requirements.

Our clients hire us because we are a professional, experienced security organisation who offers the very best in close protection officers and we are extremely proud of this fact! Our equipment, vehicles and manpower are at the top of the pile and the clients we have worked for prove this.

All our close protection officers are:

  • Certified in Advanced Driving and Anti-Hijack skills.
  • Firearm proficient and trained in combat shooting.
  • Trained and certified by the top training academy in South Africa, Global Bodyguard Solutions Training Academy.
  • Are proficient in First Aid.
  • Project management.

Don't be caught unawares – our security auditors can expose all the chinks in your armour!

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