The Security Contingency Plans Your Business Needs

In order to protect your business’ property, employees and assets, you need to put various contingency plans in place.These plans should take both internal and external risk factors into account. Internal risk factors may include the protection of intellectual property, data, and the mitigation of fraud.External factors can very much depend on the political environment, as well as the crime statistics in your area. By taking these risk factors in account, and conducting a thorough risk analysis, various contingency plans can be put into place, which will help you formulate the best security strategy to protect your employees and assets.

Strike Contingency Plans

Having a strike management plan within your business is imperative to decreasing risks, especially in South Africa. Countries with low-employment rates and high poverty are rife with unrest and displays of dissatisfaction.Businesses therefore need to form strategies for the potential disruption and damage which occurs during a strike.

A strike protection teamcan be deployed within moments to assist with vandalism, physical assault and property invasion during a strike, seek these services from a professional security services provider in South Africa in order to have an adequate contingency plan in place.

Procedures to Deal with Intimidation

In the corporate world, intimidation is a big risk when it comes to circumstances such as retrenchment. These circumstances are potentially harmful for senior management and HR which is why you can also have a plan in place to ensure the close protection of executives, should they experience intimidation.

Security Audits

As part of your security plan, you should also have regular security auditsdone in order to plan the security procedures and standards within your business more effectively. These security audits can determine the following:

These and other services will help you to determine the best action to take in order to protect your business from any potential security mishaps. Contact us today for expert assistance in the formulation of your business’ security contingency plan.