Security Tips from Apache Security Services

At Apache Security Services we take pride in the fact that we have become incredibly well adapted and geared to keeping others safe. We have evolved from being not only the fittest, but also the smartest. Compliments of our years of dedicated VIP security services to keep the public safe, here are some tips to help protect yourself and those around you:

Social Media is Not a Toy

People tend to be too trusting, and with the channels open to communicating with anyone around the world so accessible, some caution is advisable. The first threat is physical in that agreeing to meet a stranger from the internet is always risky business and should be avoided. If you must go on that Online Dating outing, make sure it is in a busy, public place in the daytime.

The second threat is more physiological in that people pick up on insecurities and use it to harass others. The easiest way to avoid such unfortunate situations is to use social media responsibly. Never give too much information away, especially your address. This is particularly important when it comes to children, who seem to be making use of social media from a much younger age. Inform them that they are not to speak to strangers, even if it is online. If used responsibly, social media is a great tool for entertainment and communication, so make sure not to abuse these privileges.

Be Aware, Be Vigilant, Be Smart

This is not to say you should always be on the edge of your seat and expecting the worst. On the contrary, these tips are intended to help prevent those worst-case scenarios. For example, if you walk out of your home to get in your car, take note of anyone around you. Lock the doors as soon as you get in your car and don’t dawdle between opening your gate and pulling your car out. Do this with purpose, whether it is pulling out of your driveway or walking down the street.

For those who have a target on their back we offer VIP protection services for any event to ensure that you not only are safe, but that you feel that way too.

Fight Back!

During any kind of attack the aggressor generally does not expect a response that isn’t shock, fear and submission. This is not to say you will be able to fend off every attacker, but you can make it much more difficult and hopefully the difficulty outweighs their desire to cause you harm. Shout, scream and don’t give up.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs argues that at the very base of human needs is safety and security. Being free from the threat of emotional and physical harm are fundamental to our psychological wellbeing in the same manner as food and water, according to Maslow - and we tend to agree.

Unfortunately, these things do happen and as a VIP security company we know that constant vigilance and extensive training are often what it takes to deliver a feeling of security.

Contact us to make use of our VIP security services and much more to ensure your base needs (according to Maslow) are covered.