Residential Security Systems: Manned Guardingvs Technology

In this article, we will critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of technology security solutions versus manned guarding services. Many people are wondering whether residential security systems should still include a manned component, or whether a smart technology solution is efficient on its own. By analysing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, we can successfully conclude which application would be more effective, or whether a hybrid solution is more viable.

Let’s have a look at how we can create the perfect residential security solution, which elements should be used, and which can quickly be left behind.

The Advantages of Manned Guarding

As with all solutions, each has its own set of advantages. Manned guarding services have been around for decades, traceable back to the Vigiles of ancient Rome. However, back to 2019, here are the advantages that still exist with manned guarding services today:

The Disadvantages of Manned Guarding

There are disadvantages to every solution, here are the disadvantages that may apply with a security solution that purely revolves around manned guarding:

The Advantages of a Technology Security Solution

Technology security solutions, such as IPsec, are growing in popularity in today’s day and age, and they definitely do have a lot of advantages. The advantages of a tech-savvy residential security solution include:

The Disadvantages of a Technology Security Solution

A residential security system which is limited to a technology-only solution has its disadvantages, these include:

The Conclusion?

As seen above, each solution on its own has a few advantages, but they also have a couple of disadvantages. At Apache Security Services, we merge these services and applications into one effective security solution to counteract the disadvantages of each and retain all the advantages. A hybrid solution that consists of manned services, as well as technology security devices deployed onsite, will enable you to get the best of both worlds to maximise the security of your property. Using our CCTV installation services, you can get the technology you need, and with our offsite residential security monitoring services, you can get the advantages of having a security official assigned to ensuring the safety of your home.

The fact remains, security officials are still very much required for today’s residential security systems. However, by pairing these teams with smart technology systems, a better security solution can be designed. A security solution that takes the power of human intelligence and capability and merges it with powerful and scalable technology.