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Estate Security

Residential and Estate SECURITY Services

Apache Security Services offers Estate security solutions which provide absolute peace of mind to both residents and guests alike.

No project is undertaken without a comprehensive risk assessment, conducted by a specialist team who are sagacious in every aspect. These private homes and estates are high-end environments providing a place to relax and unwind. Our security members and management team allow for complete peace of mind.

We know full well that many companies offer home or Estate security by simply placing a uniformed person at the house/residence. This is not real protection. Are these people trained in home security? Do they know how to identify suspicious activity? Are they able to safely and timeously alert homeowners of pending danger? The difference is our home protection ambassadors do.

The end result is a tailor-made solution which would include the required manpower in conjunction with the most practical technological requirements, transferring your home into a safe, family haven.


Apache Security Services recognises that the future of the country lies in the foundations laid for our youth through their exposure to quality learning. This, though, is far too often compromised as a result of negative, and often, dangerous outside/internal elements.

We assist through a strategic approach which integrates the various required security strategies identified by a team of educational facility risk consultants. High visibility and a keen understanding of the security discipline needed for educational sites is the benchmark for our schools, colleges and university security projects. Our risk consultants implement international best practice policies and methods to ensure safe and secure learning environments.

Our services in this field include:

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