The Range of Services that VIP Protection Agencies Provide

VIP protection agencies, the good ones at least, do not simply provide bodyguarding services that are limited to providing physical protection to VIPs. VIP protection services should offer a range of skills and benefits within their offering in order to maximise the security of the client and amplify the experience to get the most value out of the service. Read on to find out which value-added skills close protection officers should be equipped with to maximise VIP protection in South Africa.

Advanced Driving and Anti-Hijack Skills

To provide effective VIP protection in South Africa, one of the country’s greatest risks - hijacking - should be taken into consideration. Clients should ensure that the close protection officers they are using are armed with advanced driving and anti-hijack skills, especially when traveling around the country.

Firearm Proficiency

Although only used in emergency situations, which will hopefully be avoided, firearm proficiency is a definite must for officials providing VIP protection services. Without this skill, attackers can quickly gain the upper hand.

First Aid Knowledge

Also as a reactive measure, all officials that deal directly with clients must have knowledge in first aid. This will ensure that clients will be in good hands up until paramedics arrive, should any unfortunate incident occur, as to maximise their health and safety. A bodyguard without first aid knowledge provides little to no comfort in emergency situations.

Project Management

This skill is often not included in VIP protection services, it is however an important element to level up mediocre bodyguarding to excellent close protection solutions. Project management skills will ensure that clients are kept to schedule and that all planning and arrangements are professionally adhered to.

At Apache Security Services, our close protection officers are all certified graduates of the top training academy in South Africa, awarding them with all the above-mentioned skills and knowledge, and more.