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On-site Security


The more we control a site, the more secure that site will be! We deploy on-site security managers to clients’ sites for 6 and 12 month contracts. This allows us to really make a positive impact on our clients’ overall security portfolio. Being full-time on-site provides our managers with the time and access to implement new strategies and maintain service levels as set out by the SLA’s.

This means that both our client and our directors receive regular updated reports covering all aspects of the security portfolio. This also guarantees that our on-site security officers are always under a watchful eye.


Our site security managers are very experienced and highly trained, reporting directly to our operations director and, as such, we can guarantee that your security requirements and loss control programmes will be kept at the highest of standards.

These are professional appointees and will make a significant impact on your risk portfolio.

Added advantages of an on-site security manager:

  • Real time response to emergencies.
  • On-site investigations.
  • Monthly site review reports.
  • Employee monitoring.
  • Introduction of best practice policies and procedures.
  • On-going backup support from Apache Security Services.
  • Security related updates.

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