Apache Security Services Introduces Hands-Free Door Opening Solutions to Combat Surface-to-Hand Transmission

Schools, Companies, Restaurants and Retailers now have a viable Covid-19 Risk Reducing Tool!


Apache Security Services has introduced a cost effective and practical solution, vastly reducing skin-to-hand transmissions. With schools reopening soon and the levels of lockdown being amended, there is clear scientific evidence that Covid-19 infections will soar.


Our own Risk Management team has spent countless hours considering the various risk mitigation practices world wide. We have engaged innumerable individuals and organisations - both locally and abroad - to find solutions that our clients and the South African public as a whole will truly benefit from.

Apache’s hands-free arm and foot hook pulls are now available for installation.

“Our hook-pulls are very easy to install and provide a cost effective option to almost all door way openings. These are especially important for schools’ restroom and classroom doors, restaurants and business that have staff returning to work,” says Jacki Condon, Managing Director of Apache Security Services.

There has been significant interest in Apaches Services in relation to access point testing and screening, with large scale deployments required by schools preparing for the opening of their campuses. Now, with the new hook-pulls, Apache’s technical teams are working around the clock to carry out installations seven days a week.


With real concerns about the long term health effect of alcohol and chemical hand sanitizers, schools must consider solutions that require an out-of-the-box approach.

For orders and installations please call Apache Security Services on  011 453 0580,

Or email info@apachesecurity.co.za for quotes.