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Our guarding services division is the backbone of our company. The professionalism, management and compulsive desire to out-do others has ensured that this service places us amongst the top security companies in South Africa.

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Our trained and registered security officers / security guards will patrol your premises to not only identify criminal threats, but to also identify any maintenance issues or other safety-related concerns. Each one of our security guards is in direct contact with our Level A1 monitoring and control room. In the event of a (coded) report not being received, our control room supervisors will immediately despatch a response unit to check the premises.


Industrial properties by their very nature are always vulnerable and potentially high-risk sites. The lack of human presence and activity during nights and over weekends and holidays only add to this. We at Apache Security Services know this all too well and have spent "service perfection sessions" focusing on the fine art of industrial guarding – there is no better service provider than Apache for industrial loss control manpower.

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