Developing a Strike Contingency Plan in South Africa

Due to the frequent occurrence of workers’ strikes, developing a strike contingency plan has become crucial for businesses in South Africa. Luckily, here at Apache Security Services, we provide strike services to South Africa businesses, for those that understand the importance of minimising asset and property risk during a strike.

What Are the Risks for Businesses During a Strike?

During labour unrest, the situation can often get out of hand and become violent. There are various risks that this poses to businesses and private properties. These risks include:

What Services Are Offered by Strike Security Companies?

Strike security companies can offer an array of services for your strike contingency plan, these services include both proactive and reactive solutions. Strike protection services include:

Comprehensive Strike Security Services in South Africa

For comprehensive strike security services in South Africa, contact Apache Security Services. We offer all the solutions you need to develop your business’ strike contingency plan in order to manage all the risks involved during labour unrest adequately. The protection of your staff, clients, property and brand is our only focus during labour unrest.