Businesses Developing a Strike Contingency Plan in South Africa

Business owners across South Africa are quickly coming to the realisation that strikes can cause costly damage to their property, assets and employees. Strikes, otherwise referred to as protests or civil unrest, are common occurrences in South Africa which often suddenly take a violent turn, placing nearby businesses at great risk. Strike security companies, or security agencies, that offer professional strike protection services, deliver immense value by developing strategic strike contingency plans.

A well-developed strike contingency plan will empower businesses to prepare for potential danger. Being faced with a mob of politically charged people will be dangerous and intimidating to deal with if a comprehensive contingency plan has not been drawn up.

What Are the Dangers of a Strike?

Strikes can result in damage in several ways, often amounting to massive loss due to assets that need repairing or replacement. During a strike, businesses need protection against:

In What Other Ways Do Strikes Affect Businesses?

In 2019, a strike in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, racked up a whopping R3.5 millionin damages on local infrastructure. These damages affect everyone, from business owners to general workers and the local community. Damaging infrastructure can cause downtime on certain services, such as refuse collection.Not only can this cause health issues, but it can also result in unsightly mess which may affect business. Damage to municipal infrastructure also causes water and electricity disruption which means that businesses without backup resources may have to shut their doors until repairs have been completed. Not only can such unexpected (and unnecessary) costs cripple the operations of the city, it can also have a negative effect on the entire nation’s economy.

What Are the Elements Required for Strike Protection?

In order to protect your business against the devastating effects of a strike, there are three elements that should be considered and implemented.

Strike Planning Guide – the first step to forming a strike contingency plan to protect your business is developing a planning guide. This should list the unique risks of your business, including an evaluation of the company’s readiness for a strike and solutions to avoid these risks and prepare for any aggressive action.

Strike Protection Teams – it is imperative to have a strike protection team, available from strike security companies, ready to be deployed to your site as and when needed. These teams provide real protection against vandalism, physical assault, property invasion and intimidation. They are also trained with expert crowd control skills.

Post-Strike Report – a post-strike report will consist of a compilation of footage, evidence and reports that were obtained on the day. This will help evaluate any damage caused, and may be used as evidence in court, against any perpetrators who engaged in criminal activity. This report also helps in improving the strategy already in place should a similar incident recur.

What Services Are Offered by Strike Security Companies in South Africa?

Strike security companies, or professional security agencies that offer strike protection, offer services that empower businesses to develop a strike contingency plan. They can conduct an audit in order to analyse your risks and your current security model, and they can then help you improve on this in order to fortify your property. They will also have a trained strike protection team ready to be deployed on site when needed. The other service they offer is formulating a professional post-strike report for your business.

If your business does not have a strike security plan, what are you waiting for!?Contact Apache Security Services today and protect your property, assets and employees from the imminent danger of civil unrest, happening all around us in South Africa.