This is What Sets Apache Apart in Security Excellence

Your safety and security are too important to entrust to the ordinary. That is why you want to look for only the best private security companies in South Africa, and that is what brought you to Apache Security. We provide you with real protection, not just an illusion of security.

Need proof? Here’s a taste of what sets our passionate team apart from the competition:

Exclusive Olympic Invitation

During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, our CEO was the only non-SAPS individual from South Africa who was invited to work on the security committee.

The Olympic Games are a major international event, and security is a vital aspect of keeping delegates from so many nations safe. The fact that our CEO was trusted to be a part of this vital component proves the global level of trust that his expertise has earned. It is this expertise that he shares with and builds into all Apache Security staff.

Highly Experienced and Dedicated Leadership

You expect experience along with trust and expertise from the best security companies in South Africa, right?

Our Operations Manager provides this experience in spades with more than two decades of speciality service in guarding and security management. His experience isn’t only a matter of time, but also range, as he has proven invaluable to the hospitality industry with management of loss control and general security for some of Africa’s most elite hotels.

Our team offers you a level of trust, professionalism and experience that can rival any of the other big name security companies in South Africa.

Advanced Technological Capabilities

With the advancements in technology, criminals are becoming a lot more creative, and private security companies need to keep up to remain relevant.

Our security guards are among the only individuals with the capabilities to use drones effectively for aerial surveillance, even in an emergency. Whether for safe and speedy evacuation on site in a range of emergencies or planning the most effective, informed plan of action for counter-attacks, you can rest assured that Apache Security guards have you covered.

Always improving

There are many professional advantages and success stories that we can share with you, but at the heart of our excellence is a spirit of humility and a commitment to striving to improve every day. Complacency is a weakness which we do not allow.

Contact us now to see what solutions we can provide for your security. See for yourself what sets us apart from other private security companies in South Africa.