Special Events Security from Apache Security Services

Apache is a South African Security Company specialising in VIP security services, especially during special events. The special events security service offering from Apache is geared to arm any event with all the necessary security measures required to ensure the safety of an event for all participating parties.

The Roles of Apache Guards at Special Events

VIP security companies like Apache provide protection services for all events no matter what the size. Whether it is a conference flooded with VIPs or a music festival congested with civilians and VIPs alike, our protection officers are ready to serve.

Vigilance is the flavour of the day whenever special events are concerned and our close protection officers have an insatiable appetite for it. With eyes always peeled and ready to pounce at the slightest hint at anything out of the ordinary, your guests are in good hands.

Talent, Speaker, Player and Artist Security:

Close protection officers will be assigned to the VIPs providing the entertainment to ensure their status does not warrant them any unwanted attention as they prepare for their performance. Afterwards they will be escorted back to their changing room and away from any crowds. All their movements will be monitored and shadowed to ensure their arrival, stay and departure from the event run smoothly.

Security Drivers:

Apache Security Services provides assigned drivers trained in all aspects of driving. They will safely courier the precious package, in this case the talent, to the designated location without a hitch.

Carpark and Location Security:

Our security services include officers to oversee the event itself as well as monitor the parking lot to ensure all the guests’ vehicles are safeguarded while they enjoy the show.

Reaction Units:

Should something go wrong in the midst of the event, our specially trained reaction units are scattered throughout the event venue and ready to respond. These teams are geared to utilise special tactics in order to force the cease and desist of any undesirable activities that may take place at an event.

If you require comprehensive VIP security services from a reputable South African security company, look no further. Contact us at Apache Security Services for all your protection needs.