As criminals and crimes continue to evolve, it is essential that security providers challenge the status quo. As Albert Einstein once said; insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For too long the security industry has relied on static and archaic approaches, watching – motionless – as the world continues to evolve. This severely impedes the ability to maximise overall security and manage risks effectively. 

“Killing security as you know it is the only way to save your company from the threats it faces on an hourly basis,” says Jacki Condon, Managing Director of Apache Security Services. “Has it ever crossed your mind that everything you know (or thought you knew about security) was actually holding your loss prevention success back?” 

A few critical steps must be taken to modernise the security approach. Firstly, an industry authority must be contacted to transform current security expenses into a meaningful, value providing portfolio. “This astute business move often means the difference between life and death, profits and losses, and employee safety levels.” 

The second step is adjusting the plan. A site-specific risk analysis exposes gaps, and ensures that loopholes are closed, guaranteeing that external threats are kept out and internal threats are exposed. “The plan should denote high levels of professionalism, direct management, and the employment of experienced security guards,” Condon adds. 

Personal attention is crucial in ensuring the ongoing development of the security strategy. This is the third step in revolutionising the landscape of private security and bolstering crime prevention. “In any sector, personal attention by management is required for success. Owner-driven and passionate teams deliver measurable and reliable results. From frequent site visits to excellent discipline, and random testing, a hands-on approach is essential in this industry.” 

Yet, many security companies and their clients still repeatedly use the same tactics and methods. The same costly results and constant headaches linger, and unchecked risks are aggravated. The safest and most secure companies in Africa have achieved unthinkable loss control and asset protection results. How? By making fundamental changes to their approach to security methods and the dinosaurs providing them.

“Through innovation, world travel and savvy use of technology, massive disruption can be achieved in the security services arena,” concludes Condon. “To be effective, the approach must kill off old school methods, while providing clients with a security portfolio that adds significant value to their bottom line.” 

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