How to Choose the Correct VIP Security Company

How important is your safety to you? What about the safety of your family, your very own VIPs? Of course there is nothing more important, which is why you are looking into South African security companies, trying to find the best protection possible.

Years of experience in the security industry have taught the passionate team at Apache Security that there are a few questions that will very quickly help you identify quality VIP protection services. These are the questions which we ask ourselves daily, and which you should ask in your search as well:

Are They Certified?

It’s easy for security companies to promise that they are good at their jobs. While their resumes may list years of experience and a wealth of projects, you wouldn’t trust an unqualified doctor with your life just because he’s snuck in some experience, and the same should apply to your security.

Every one of our close protection officers (CPOs) are trained and certified through Global Bodyguard Solutions Training Academy, the top training academy in the country. In addition, every individual is also certified in advanced driving, firearms handling and first aid.

Do They Possess the Necessary Proficiencies?

While having the correct certification proves (on paper) that a company’s VIP protection services are certified, you also want to be sure that their officers are proficient in the necessary skills. This is why we insist on all of our CPOs undergoing certification and extensive training in advanced driving, firearm proficiency and first aid, as mentioned above.

Our excellence as a company offering VIP security comes from ensuring proficiency beyond certification. We make sure that every CPO is fully capable in their driving and anti-hijacking skills for optimal safety on the roads. They also have combat shooting training for occasions when this becomes a necessary precaution.

Since your life and the lives of those closest to you are the ultimate priority, our CPOs undergo continual first aid training to ensure their ability to respond to anything quickly and effectively; from an accidental scratch to stabilising a broken limb.

Can They Plan Your Protection?

While the proficiencies listed above are extremely important, best practice would be to ensure that you don’t end up needing the anti-hijacking or combat shooting skills to come into play. What you want is a level of project management and strategic planning that takes into consideration your itinerary, locations, potential threats and operational requirements. A VIP security company should be able to take your information and provide you with an effective plan based on those details.

Apache Security provides you with all of these factors, making a point of having our team leaders go through this planning and strategic phase with you before assigning a CPO. We’ve set the benchmark for specialist security services in South Africa by making sure that every client receives the protection they need, and we settle for nothing less than the best in the service, equipment and people we provide to carry out these VIP protection services.

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