Apache Security Services is a "BLUE OCEAN" driven company, meaning that through our unique loss control methods, we have essentially made our competitors irrelevant. The value we provide to our clients is as a result visible on their profit savings each month.

We realised a long time ago that fighting it out in a market space saturated with players was a fool’s game with little to no chance of long term success, for either ourselves or our clients. Stretching the industry parameters and breaking out into our own space has given birth to a sector that we virtually operate in alone.

By identifying what the market wanted versus what they were getting, Apache was able to create service for the warehouse and distribution sector comprising of the "best of everything"; at the same pricing that regular security guards are costing companies such as yours.

How do we do it?

Other security companies charge clients individual prices for various services. For example:

When all of this is taken apart you get two horrible realisations. The first being that until now people were paying unnecessarily high monthly fees. The second being that, in return, they received disjointed and unsynchronised elements of loss control that truthfully have little or no impact on the actual mitigation of shrinkage and loss.

Welcome to Apache Logistics systems checkers

With the aid of technology and human skill, we are deploying system checkers that provide all six of the above-mentioned loss control segments; but without the cost and hassle of independent portfolios run independently of each other.

By integrating CCTV technology, process auditing skills, report writing requirements, CCTV recording analysis and human presence, we have literally reshaped the loss control environment within the warehousing and logistics sector.


We look forward to speaking with you and hope that we will become an integral part of your overall loss control portfolio.

Please call 011 453 0580/98 or 083 295 6619, or email info@apachesecurity.co.za.