The Importance of Reactive and Proactive Security

Both reactive and proactive security measures are extremely important for private security companies offering VIP protection services. However, when looking for bodyguard services in South Africa, many clients do not know what these two different approaches entail.

Reactive Security

Reactive approaches to security refer to the actions which are taken after an incident occurs with the expertise of emergency and recovery services. This means that bodyguards and other security personnel should behighly trained on reactive security measures, such as:

Training in the above allows bodyguards from private security companies to react quickly and appropriately to breaches of security.

Proactive Security

Proactive security trumps reactive security in the case of providing VIP protection. This is because close protection officials are trained to prevent anything from happening to their clients, as well as to ensure maximum protection and safety. Proactive measures include expert, accredited training, project management capabilities, risk and threat assessments, and location security, among others.

Both proactive and reactive approaches are made priorities at Apache Security Services. Our professional security personnel are experts in providing holistic bodyguard services in South Africa. We use proactive techniques to minimise risk, while also preparing to handle any incidents with the full force of reactive security protocols, for maximum recovery.