Fighting Back: Farm Security Companies in South Africa

According to Farmer’s Weekly, cable theft and other crimes have become a fortnightly occurrence and the police are seldom there to solve the problem. Farmers have started to rely on farm watch groups to ensure their safety. This is due to the fact that there is a lack of trust in the police. Some go as far as to enlist the help of farm security companies in South Africa to keep their families, livelihood and land safe.

With the increase of threats to those on farms, it has sparked a more positive outlook whereby farm watch groups, farm security companies and the police work together to achieve the best outcome. Here are just some ways in which farm security companies in South Africa are geared up to protect you on your land.


Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) have taken to aiding in the new shared security strategy. The RTI controls the main roads between farms and they have begun to play a crucial role in the prevention of stock theft from farms. This has made an impact due to filling some of the communication gaps when it comes to keeping farms safe.

Helping each other keep an eye on the land and safety thereof and those living there has already proven to make a difference. When fighting these threats, communities must look out for each other by reporting anything suspicious and taking care of one another.

Anti-Poaching Security

Technology and services have been made available to protect wildlife living on reservations and farms. Our beloved rhinos have been all but wiped out by poaching, and Apache Security Services will not stand for this. With the use of air surveillance using high-tech air drones, suspicious groups making moves to poach large animals can be tracked.

Undercover deployment may be requested to “suss out” any accomplices on the premises, who are potentially feeding information to poachers and thieves.

Preventing Farm Attacks

With the increasing violence with which farm attacks are taking place, intervention has become a necessity. Farm security companies in South Africa like Apache Security Services has had enough of the horror stories that recollect farm attacks. By offering armed response to suspicious activity, liaison with local law enforcement as well as farmer and family escorts, Apache Security Services hopes to prevent more violence from taking place.

If you require the help of a trusted farm security company in South Africa, contact us and we will keep you, your family, your land and your livelihood safe.