Experiencing Stock Losses in Your Business? We Can Help You

If your business is experiencing constant stock losses, you may start suspecting your employees of being the cause of the missing company property. In order to get to the bottom of the suspected theft, you can use the various security solutions from Apache Security Services, such as polygraph testing and CCTV installation. By conducting polygraph tests in the workplace, you can provide accurate evidence to your internal investigation. With CCTV installation, you can start watching what is going on more closely.

Conducting Polygraph Tests in the Workplace

If you would like to move forward with an internal investigation regarding stock losses, or any other matter, you may want to make polygraph testing a part of the process. By conducting polygraph tests in the workplace, you can gather evidence that will help you through internal hearings, CCMA cases, and even criminal hearings using the polygraph test's accuracy. Some believe the polygraph test's accuracy to be up to 90%, a definite advantage in any investigation.

CCTV Installation and Monitoring

Another way to conduct investigations, or to be used as a preventative measure, is through CCTV installation and monitoring services. With surveillance in your warehouse or stock room, you can look back on footage to uncover any suspicious activity. Going one step further, having it monitored all the time will help you even more to catch perpetrators in the act, in real time.

Get a Professional Security Audit to See What You Need

In order to find out what your company really is lacking in terms of security, you can get a security audit performed by our specialists. With a security audit, you will be offered expert advice on what can be added to increase your security in order to decrease stock theft. Contact us for a security audit and to solve your stock loss problems and get access to other advantages, such as vital location crime and area risk related factors.