Are Close Protection Officers Equipped to Handle Emergencies?

Many of us still do not understand exactly how equipped close protection agents are to deal with emergency situations. A big misconception is that personnel who offer security services in South Africa are there for preventative measures, but are not trained to act in times of emergencies. At Apache Security, this is certainly not the case. Read on to find out how our close protection officers are equipped and trained to act efficiently and accordingly when matters of urgency arise.

Advanced Driving and Anti-Hijack Skills

During emergency situations, driving may be a necessity in order to quickly escape from or respond to a situation. VIP protection services should therefore include skilled driving abilities as part of their service offering. Close protection officers who are providing VIP protection services should be certified in advanced driving in order to provide clients with maximum safety and protection, whether for everyday driving, avoiding accidents, or for a quick getaway situation. Within these skillsets, anti-hijack skills are also important, especially as part of VIP protection services in South Africa, where crime is rampant.

Firearm Proficiency

Another extremely important skill for close protection officers to possess is to be proficient in the management and use of firearms. Especially vital in emergency situations, the proficient use of firearms is a necessity for close protection officers. Security services in South Africa should definitely focus on training personnel to be competent in using firearms and not just use weapons for prevention. Should an unfortunate incident occur, trained close protection officers should be able to use their weapons efficiently to defend their client’s safety.

Trained and Certified

The close protection officers at Apache Security Services are trained and certified as leaders in the industry. In order for VIP protection services personnel to have all the above mentioned skillsets, and more, completing bodyguard training from a well-known academy is the first step in the right direction. A professional close protection course will ensure that trainees are equipped with the skills they need to handle any emergency situation successfully, with the clients’ best interest and safety in mind.

The points mentioned in this article certainly prove that the right close protection officers are more than equipped to handle any emergency situation. For leading-industry VIP protection services in South Africa, contact Apache Security Services. Our professional officers are ready to offer you the best service with the most relevant skillsets to provide an all-round security solution.